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about us

A charming family-managed hotel,


the “Pensione Barrett” Hotel is where to rediscover the culture of Roman hospitality focused on local tradition,
to find the particular care for details and politeness and, not less important,

reasonable prices



The Hotel “Pensione Barrett” can be considered a place

with a soul of its own,


offering a most cordial welcome to an esteemed and

pleasant establishment - equipped with all modern comforts;

immersed in an environment

so rich of  history,

particular attention is given to the surrounding territory and what it has to offer


and, above all, to impeccable services at  very convenient prices, always in respect to the
offered quality .

In a few words: made to home-measure; where furnishing and interior decoration correspond with personal good taste



along with services

that conjugate professionalism with familiar politeness.

The times of anonymous hotels and of those built in series in the same style is over, today’s market calls

for hotels with an ability to create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere.

Hotel "Pensione Barrett" :


where the atmosphere of the place and the charm of the house

the sensation gained by a warm and attentive welcome,

the elegance of the furnishing, the comfort and the exclusive details,

as the connoisseur’s advices

     regarding the Traditional Cuisine will kindly complete the Roman period,

distinguished by a warmth of exquisite hospitality.

our history our name  services & rates        photos    reservations   the tower & the theatre    archaeological area